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Author Topic: Official Forum Rules  (Read 6524 times)


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Official Forum Rules
« on: 17 October 2012 à 01:35:34 »

These rules are to be adhered by all members of this forum ... there is no member who is above the rules.
Rules are stipulated to change and revamps by admin only.
If you feel that any of our rules are to strict or would like to see any new rules implemented then, please, contact us.

- If someone has helped you, a simple "thank you" or +rep will suffice. It shows your appreciation.
- Please post in the appropriate place, if you don't know the appropriate place, PM a Moderator.
- Any talk about Racism or Racial talk is not permitted.
- Please don't write in Capital letters. This is the net's equivalent of shouting.
- If a member requires help, please help them.
- If you have problems with other members, do not bring it to the Public forums. PM a Moderator and something will be sorted.
- Do not advertise other Sites, this includes Hosting sites and Non-Xbox product offers.
- Before making a thread, please use the Search function. Your question may have already been asked and have an answer.
- No Racial Talk, Racial Abuse or Racial Chat allowed whatsoever.
- Do not post links to other Warez sites.
- Do not post links to Pornography.
- Do not post links to dangerous sites.
- Do not post threads relating to Religion.
- Do not post threads relating to Drugs
- Do not post threads in the wrong sections.
- Do not post threads asking for Donations.
- Do not post invites or requests for invites to any other site (For example torrent trackers).
- Do not spam the forums, this includes repeated messages.

- Do not post links to any Warez, Adult, or Malicious sites, forums or blogs.
- Do not post topics relating to religion, Adult content, politics in any way shape or form.
- Do not Flood our board.
- If a thread is dying out naturally, it means no one is interested in continuing the discussion and its time for it to be expired, so let it die unless you have something relevant to add to the discussion. You are not allowed to simply "bump" threads with a meaningless reply under any circumstances.

Multiple Accounts
- Members are asked to register one account and one account ONLY.
- Do not share accounts
- Do not make Multiple accounts

- You may have up to 4 lines of Text.
- No links to other sites, especially Warez Sites.
- Only one image per signature, 2 are fine, but only if they are small.
- Images can be up to 250 pixels high.
- Advertising and Harmful content are not allowed.
- Up to 4 thin userbars.
- No Outside Links in the Sign, even if they are hidden with the image.
- No crude or offensive language/images are allowed.
- Sexual content is not allowed.

Infraction System
Ways to get a WARNING or a BAN:
- Arguing with a MOD/ADMIN. They have the warning and ban button's, you don't
- Swearing and cursing - theres no need for it so please don't.
- Advertising other 360 Sites, download site & Forums.
- Spam.
- PM-Spam.
- Racist Talk or Ideas.
- Posting links to harmful files, such as brickers/viruses/trojans/spyware/adware etc.
- Recruiting our members for another site, whether via our PM system or using IM contact details.
- Repeated offenders will be permanently banned
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